"A small change to your thinking has the power to transform your entire world"

Where's Your Head At?


We are Business Focused Relaxation Practitioners.


Do you feel stuck in these interesting times?  Are you feeling a little weird, because you are relied upon as the leader of your business and ultimately, the driver of your business' results? 


Not knowing where to turn to for help, and, because you are the driver, also you do not want to be seen as needing help.  As these concepts constantly circle your mind, you consider possible solutions, but if you do not have the answers, you end up back at the start.  This constant circle of questioning, will eventually mess with your mind, to the extent whereby you may be question your own sanity! 


Once you enter this spiral, it will show up as anger, depression, interrupting your sleep; and ultimately it will affect all of your relationships.

Results Hypnotherapy will provide speedy clarity to these and other issues and symptoms when you need it most, helping you and your business keep moving forward, right now and in the future.


We offer a completely discreet service meaning you do not have to tell anyone, if you do not want to.  We will never tell anyone, either.


Why are we focusing on Business Owners?


Let me explain further:


Although you are not exactly the same as your business, you are at the helm of it and as such, you and your business are inextricably linked.  It is likely then, if your business is stuck, it could be because you are stuck in some way, or vice versa.   


The reason we are offering our services predominantly to business owners is that most hypnotherapy practices treat people who are, quite frankly, desperate, and often their entire lives are in disarray.   As such, that hypnotherapy approach can be quite slow to progress and even be quite condescending.  


You, however, as a business owner, are already an achiever, and your life is likely to still be reasonably intact.   Most likely, you have momentarily lost your way slightly and just need to be given the tools and a nudge to get you back on the right track for your future success. 

But, if you are stuck in your business, you may also probably be feeling the repercussions across your personal and home life too.  You might be angry and moody and have reduced patience and your sleep patterns may be disturbed.  Often, when you are feeling stuck, you will also see the negatives in situations rather than any positives, regardless of the triviality of a given situation.

Therefore, we recognise and applaud your previous achievements and tailor our approach to honour your current and previous successes, using your existing achievements as an anchor to help you gain future successes.



We help people like you, rapidly become unstuck, moving forward again with a much clearer path in front of you.   In practice, this might be a tangible, perhaps as a list of goals, together with a to do list for those goals yet to be achieved.  Or you could simply just be clearer in your head and know how you are going to get to your chosen goal now.  Either way it will create the difference between your business maybe surviving to thriving again.


We work totally online and offer support, coaching and relaxation sessions over Skype or Zoom, or any other preferred platform you may have.  Offering you the benefit of sessions from the comfort of your own home or office, perhaps even your car!  All we ask is that you give yourself the comfort and space to relax for an hour or so where you will not be interrupted and, obviously, you feel safe.

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