Below you'll find answers to the questions that we get asked the most about Hypnotherapy...

Q: Does hypnotherapy work?

A: Yes it does, it is clinically proven.   Results Hypnotherapy really can help you regain control of the concern you are experiencing. You will feel, and if you choose to, behave with positive changes you never thought were possible.

Q: Will having hypnotherapy help my business?

A: Yes it will!  In your business, your are at the helm of it, steering it.  Therefore, if you are not feeling 100%, it will also show in your business e.g. your staff may become demotivated, and you may make decisions that are more 'knee jerk' than properly considered.  Also, as you probably already know, it can also affect your home life.  So if you are having problems at home, then you come into work and you experience a similar scenario at work, with demotivated staff for instance, then you are going to potentially be feeling far worst as you are unable to escape either at work or home.   Hypnotherapy can help you feel better and deal with situations in a more constructive way.

Q: Will hypnotherapy change the way I am?

A: Yes, but in a good way.  You have approached Results Hypnotherapy because you are unhappy with certain aspects of you life at the moment.   To achieve the results you require from hypnotherapy, it is presumed that you are requiring change.   Remember, you are already in control, at all times, of how you are.


Q: Can hypnotherapy make me act weirdly, like you see with stage hypnotherapists?

A: Results Hypnotherapy are providing a service, paid for by you, and for your benefit. You are in control at all times, Results Hypnotherapy can’t make you behave in a certain way, if you do not wish to do so.


Q: I am just feeling low, I am not depressed, but I just don’t feel like making the effort to go out – can Results Hypnotherapy help me feel more like being sociable again, like I used to be?

A: Yes, Results Hypnotherapy can help you with feeling better and help you to feel like making the effort again. Being sociable will again then come naturally to you.


Q: Will I fall asleep whilst in the trance session?

A: Yes, you might do! This is perfectly normal and does not interfere with the hypnotherapy session you have with Results Hypnotherapy.

Q: You won’t be able to hypnotise me!

A: If you request Hypnotherapy services, because you wish to gain from positive changes to your life, then it is in your interests to allow yourself to enter the trance state. Remember, you are in control at all times and if you wish to control and resist your journey into trance, then you can, and you will. Your choice!

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