Panic Attacks

Hypnotherapy sessions are very effective at reducing the severity and occurrence of Panic Attacks.


Panic attack symptoms vary widely, but the sufferer can experience hot or cold sweats, extreme feelings of fear, increased heart rate, sweaty palms, stomach churning.  It can even make you think you are having a heart attack.


Panic attacks usually first occur when your anxiety levels are raised to the extreme and your body goes into the flight, fight or freeze response. However, with chronic and prolonged anxiety, your level of anxiety will have risen gradually over time.  This can make the panic attack seem to have appeared from nowhere as it occurs well after an event you would have expected to trigger it.  Clients often report experiencing panic attacks whilst resting and say that they were not doing anything stressful when it occurred.  With raised levels of anxiety, the panic attack will have actually been building up for a while.  


Once a panic attack has occurred, unless the overall anxiety levels are reduced, another attack can be triggered soon after by any of the senses being triggered again.  Another panic attack may be triggered simply because the brain associates the stimulus of the senses with the first panic attack.  


Panic attacks are very frightening when experienced and can be debilitating as the sufferer may go on to proactively lead their lives in a way which actively avoids possible triggers.   Over time, this can lead to conditions such as Agoraphobia (fear of going outside).  


Hypnotherapy is highly effective in treating Panic Attacks for several reasons:

1) Reducing overall levels of anxiety; 

2) De-sensitising the triggers that cause panic attacks to occur.

3) A reduction in the severity and frequency of the panic attacks when they do occur.

If you are experiencing panic attacks, then arrange a consultation with Results Hypnotherapy to explore how we can help you with your panic attacks.


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