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Hello, my name is Katie and I am a 40 something qualified hypnotherapist.

I became interested in hypnotherapy whilst receiving hypnotherapy myself when I was going through a difficult period in my life.

Compounded by the fact I had always felt quite anxious generally, these additional difficulties were increasing my anxiety, which was making me feel even worst. This reached an extent where I felt that I wasn’t able to function properly on a day to day basis and I realised that I was headed for depression.

All my ‘self-help’ books were not effective, discussions with friends seemed to go around in circles and I started to read that on their faces that they had heard it before from me and why couldn’t I just ‘pull myself together’ or just ‘sort myself out’. But, I had tried to do just that and it was not working.

By chance I heard about hypnotherapy, yes, I was cynical (who isn’t?!) because if you have ever seen stage hypnotherapy it can be quite scary, the things that people are ‘made’ to do whilst hypnotised.

However, I soon learned that stage hypnotherapy is just that, staged. Real life hypnotherapy is very different whereby you stay in control and know you are in control the entire time. The hypnotherapist I saw was friendly and welcoming, but not imposing their will on me in any way. I quickly discovered during the initial consultation that our thinking and behaviour is simply a product of our thoughts, and when that thought process feels overloaded, it can default back to relying on its survival instincts.

I soon learned that by being positive, dispelling negativity that I could control these more damaging thought processes I was having. I learnt to take back the control of my mind and therefore it followed that the way I viewed day to day situations and consequently my reactions to these situations was refined, and in some cases altered. I found that things that had bothered me significantly in the past, now no longer even registered on my radar. I even found that I could listen to music that previously I could not list to even a few notes of.

In just a few sessions of hypnotherapy, I was able to take control back of my life and change the parts of it which were no longer serving me. These changes were not a ‘quick fix’ that wore off, but a permanent change which brought about positive influences in all aspects of my life, which are still very much in evidence today.

So, this somewhat convoluted story is why I am now a practising hypnotherapist. I established Intuitive Hypnotherapy to deliver hypnotherapy sessions, because I want to be able to facilitate for many other people, a turnaround in their lives similar to the lasting changes I experienced in my life.

With Intuitive Hypnotherapy, I help clients from all walks of life achieve more of their goals or simply get their lives back on track. Some people who come to see me have always felt depressed, anxious or phobic for as long as they can remember. They often do not know what it feels like to be free from whatever burden it is that they have. Hypnotherapy sessions with Intuitive Hypnotherapy can very quickly help you see your life from a different perspective, on a permanent basis.

When we say that a small change in your thinking can transform your world, it actually is an understatement!

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