Are you walking on egg shells ?

Ladies, is your partner, husband, boyfriend often like a bear with a sore head? Always snappy, quick to return a negative comment to constructive ideas, always critical of you, their friends and work colleagues, or your kids?

Do you and your kids feel like you are walking on egg shells all the time? Afraid to make any kind of comment for fear of the retort you will receive?

It could be that they have anger issues, and they wish that they could react differently and more calmly to situations than they do now.

Often, people with anger issues actually dislike themselves intently when they see the hurt and frustration that their reactions and comments are causing. But they feel disempowered and unable to stop these sharp reactions and can end up in a downward spiral into their own depression and of course, relationships can be harmed and breakup due to this behaviour.

Hypnotherapy can help to treat anger management issues, quickly, effectively and permanently. Intuitive Hypnotherapy work with our clients to help them change behaviours which are not serving them or their families.

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