Is this you ?

People often live with anxiety and depression, but do not know they are!

The alarm goes off to start the day, you wake up with a start feeling like you could sleep for another week, but you know that is not possible. You drag yourself out of bed, you have to, because you have responsibilities.

You put on a brave face and get yourself ready for the day, going through the motions of washing, applying deodorants and perfumes, putting on makeup and choosing clothes to wear. You only eat because the kids need breakfast too.

You get out of the house and take the kids to school. The other parents meet you at the school gate, they too are feeling the same, but they mask it like you do. They actually envy you, as they see this nicely presented person who is always so friendly and always says hello.

They wish they could be you! But they do not know the real you and how you really feel inside. You look forward to the minutes passing so you can get back home, staying out of the limelight.

You ring your office to tell them you won’t be in today, saying you vaguely that you aren’t feeling too good.

You return home, and go straight to bed, fully clothed. Setting an alarm on your phone for 2.15pm when you will get up, get yourself ready again, and go and fetch the kids. The other parents will again look at you at the school gate and wonder how you do it, but they still do not know how you spent your day after they saw you this morning.

This is an excerpt from the situation one of Intuitive Hypnotherapy client’s found themselves in. Everyone, including their immediate family thought they were fine. They had no clue that they were not attending their part time work and spending the majority of the day in bed, trying to sleep.

The client booked a block of hypnotherapy sessions with Intuitive Hypnotherapy, which they attended every week. Intuitive Hypnotherapy worked with the client to understand their issues and help them to start enjoying and leading their life again, rather than just feeling like a bystander. Using a combination of non invasive therapeutic techniques and hypnotherapy, the client was able to regain control of their life in just 10 sessions.

If you sometimes, or always, feel like you are just functioning and going through motions, then you will benefit from therapeutic sessions with Intuitive Hypnotherapy. Book your half price initial consultation now.

Remember, a small change in your thinking will transform your world

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