What to expect during your first session of hypnotherapy

All clients begin with an initial consultation. The initial consultation includes a chat about what you wish to achieve by attending hypnotherapy sessions and may include you speaking about some of the issues which have prompted to seek hypnotherapy. Don’t worry, this chat is all about determining the best use of the hypnotherapy techniques for you, it is not about the detail of issues, blame or any kind of labelling of your condition, unless you wish to. Of course, some clients like to discuss in detail, but it’s up to you. We focus on where you would like to with your life, not where you have been.

There is no benefit to constantly revisiting the past, as this can work to reinforce the very thing you are finding difficult.

During the initial consultation, we will also take some details about you. These details are totally confidential, but have to be taken for reasons of professional conduct.

We will then explain, in some detail, why you might have been feeling the way you do and how hypnotherapy sessions are likely be able to help you to feel better going forward.

And that’s all there is to it! If you decide to continue, then your next hypnotherapy session will be scheduled for around a week later.

The purpose of the initial consultation is to establish confidence and build rapport between us. You can decide from this initial consultation if you think hypnotherapy sessions are right for you going forward.

Remember that all discussions whilst in Intuitive Hypnotherapy’s practice are confidential and will not be disclosed, by us, to anyone else. You may decide to tell someone else you have attended a session, but we won’t.

Also, after this initial consultation we need never discuss any of your issues again, unless you want to. This makes hypnotherapy the ideal choice for dealing with painful /traumatic events, and phobias.

We look forward to meeting you and working with you to get your life the way you want it.

A small change in your thinking will transform your world

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