Symptom Reduction for IBS

IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) and similar symptoms can be reduced and even eliminated using hypnotherapy techniques.  IBS can give sufferers an urgent need for the loo, with very little notice, around 15-20 times per day.


If you have severe IBS symptoms, like those illustrated above, you may have a radar key in your possession for when you need the loo at short notice, whilst you are out and about.  Or, you might simply not dare to leave the house for fear of getting 'caught short' whilst you are out.  Either way, IBS can severely limit your freedom and life's enjoyment.


Results Hypnotherapy use techniques to help reduce the urgency and associated symptoms of IBS, reducing the number of times you require the loo in a day.  When the urgency is reduced, along with the frequency of your IBS symptoms; you will enjoy your days more as you feel far more relaxed and comfortable.  


If IBS is running your life, book your consultation today to see how Results Hypnotherapy can help you with your IBS.   Remember, our service visits you, thus avoiding you any IBS embarrassment until your symptoms are reduced or even eliminated completely.



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