A lifelong phobia of snakes cured by Results Hypnotherapy

Mrs K. Manchester


I was always so scared of snakes, that I could not even look at a picture of them. Now, after just four sessions of

hypnotherapy, I can look at snakes and on a recent holiday, even walked past them without having to run in the opposite direction. Thank you, Results Hypnotherapy, you have changed my life.


I stopped Smoking - Thank You...


You'll be pleased to know you have worked your magic on me. Smoking is well and truly in the past for me.

A tough few days with cravings early last week, however I overcome them and feel brilliant now.

Most cravings have disappeared over the weekend and feel I have turned a huge corner.

I can't thank you enough for your time and professionalism last week and I will

most definitely recommend.


I have lived with Depression & Anxiety for over twenty years, during which time I have tried a number of different treatments and therapies, all with varying degrees of success, and all with limited effectiveness. I had got to the point where I couldn't remember a time when I hadn't been depressed and no longer knew what “being well” looked or felt like. One particular symptom of this is that I had lost the ability to relax and “self-soothe”.


I can honestly say that the treatment I have received from the therapist at Results Hypnotherapy has thus far been the most effective and beneficial remedy for my depression & anxiety symptoms and has shown me that it is possible to address some of the underlying causes, even if they are very deeply buried. Not only have I rediscovered the ability to relax but, for the first time in as long as I can think, I have a real sense that a more full recovery may be possible. 


Mr A.

      "I finally passed my exams,

                       all thanks to your help!"

I needed to pass my exams to secure my current job and future career prospects.  Having failed already on several previous occasions, my confidence was at rock bottom so I came to Results Hypnotherapy to seek help.

"I am so pleased to say that I passed this time with a distinction, and I have to say on the day of the exam, I couldn't have been more relaxed and focused.  It is all down to your help that I finally have this monkey off my back, thanks again.  I would recommend Results Hypnotherapy to anyone"

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