Throughout life, lots of 'stuff' happens to us. Some of it is within our control, but a lot of it is not.  These things which happen to us which are out of our control can have a deep and lasting impact on our future lives. They may have occurred when you were a very young child, during those

precious formative years.


The effects of these events can permeate all aspects of our future lives, influencing and even altering decisions we make, by not ‘allowing’ us to go places or to experience new things.  Ultimately, these historical events can dictate who we are and potentially limit what we can become.


Using hypnotherapy, we can help you to deal with traumatic life events.

There may be events that you know have affected you along the way, but, but happened so long ago that you do not really remember what happened.  You now just experience the effect and hold it has had on you so far and continues to have on you now. 


We work using a solution based approach so you do not have to recall or relive every single detail of the event, or how it made you feel.


Using a combination of relaxation and hypnotic techniques that are structured to deal with the past trauma, without you having to recall and relive every single detail.  We work on a solution based approach, concentrating the outcome you are hoping for.  (Being asked to repeat or relive a traumatic event, or emphasise how it makes you feel repeatedly, simply emphasises the importance of that event in your brain.) 


Therefore, our hypnotherapy techniques do not ask you to repeat or relive traumatic events, ever.


We achieve this by concentrating only on the outcome you are hoping for.

So it is now possible to painlessly free yourself from the grip of past events that may have happened to you and were beyond your control.


Call now for an initial consultation where more of this process will be explained, and will soon be on your way to being beyond your trauma and able to be the real you, living the life you want, from now on.


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