A Range of Treatments

 Resolve your for OCD

If you have OCD symptoms of any kind, you will know that they control you into repeating actions, sometimes hundreds of times.  Sufferers often also involve those around them in these repeated actions too. OCD, if left untreated, can take over your entire life and materially affect the quality of your life and also of your most loved people in your life too.

Reduce & Reframe Anger

If your responses are mostly angry and you wish to change. Results Hypnotherapy can assist you in reframing your angry responses, assisting in creating a more appropriate response.

Symptom Reduction for IBS

IBS and similar symptoms can be reduced and even eliminated by hypnotherapy.


IBS can control your life, as you plan your life around where you can take a comfort break.  Or, you may simply avoid leaving your house for any length of time, to avoid being 'caught short'.



Stress & Anxiety Reduction

Hypnotherapy can help you to feel more peaceful, calm and relaxed, so you can reclaim the control your life needs.



Stopping Smoking

Stop Smoking therapy is completed quickly, sometimes in just several sessions.  


If you are serious about quitting smoking for good, start your new life today by booking your first session now.

Insomnia & Sleep Disorders

Good quality sleep is vital to your health and well being.  Hypnotherapy is a very quick and effective way of helping you to resolve issues which lead to sleep disorders. 


Hypnotherapy sessions will then help you to create or restore positive sleep patterns.  

Panic Attacks

Hypnotherapy is highly effective at reducing overall levels of anxiety and

de-sensitising the triggers for panic attacks.

Phobias & Fears

Hypnotherapy can help you live your life free from fear, whether it’s fear of flying, fear of spiders, dentists or many other fears.


Often referred to as phobias, fear can be debilitating leading you to lead a reduced life.


How different would your life be if you could deal with and reduce the effects of a historical traumatic experience, once and for all?


Our hypnotherapy techniques are solution based.  Therefore, we will never ask you to recall or relive all the details of your trauma. This way you can deal with your trauma, without reliving it again.

There are many more therapies on offer - too many to list here.  If your required therapy is not listed, please contact us at:  and see how we can assist you.

Remember, there are no taboos that hypnotherapy can't treat or we haven't heard before!

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