What to Expect

We use modern, clinically proven techniques to work with you

and help you get your life back on track.

You will feel happy, confident and looking forward to a positive future.

Using relaxation techniques, we help you move towards the changes and goals you wish to achieve now and further into your future.

All this, without any need to revisit the past events that contributed to you feeling like this

What is Hypnotherapy?

A Hypnotherapist's job is to help people achieve whatever it is they are striving for.  For some people, this could be their first Million pound milestone, and for others, simply by increasing their social confidence, or just being able to look a spider in the face!

The first stage of a hypnotherapy consultation will generally involve an informal chat and you will be asked some questions by the therapist. The questions are to help the therapist ascertain the nature of your issue, which will then help to determine the necessary route to overcoming or dealing with it.

The Next Stage is the Hypnosis, which is achieved by the client reaching a feeling of total relaxation

Remember, the hypnotherapist cannot make you do 'things' or act a certain way.  You are in complete control at all times and you can bring yourself out of a trance, should you wish to at any time, at will.

For an example:

         You will have made yourself comfortable,  usually lying down on your back and covering yourself with a soft cozy blanket.  Removing your glasses, jewellery or whatever may cause you discomfort.  Once comfortable, the hypnotherapist will check that you are ready to begin and will start the trance element of the session.


An enhanced feeling of relaxation, leading to a state of trance is simply achieved by listening to your hypnotherapist's voice.  You will simply drift off into a state which is very similar to that of falling asleep.  However, this kind of sleep is different, as you will still be aware and able to hear and experience your emotions.  

This intensely relaxed feeling will continue, whilst you listen to the hypnotherapists voice.  You might even drift into proper sleep, but it will be for just a few seconds and therefore transient.

At the end of the trance period, the hypnotherapist will bring you back into full awareness, and you will be fully awake.

You still feel sleepy, but it will not last.  You can then take a few moments to ground yourself to get over your woozy feeling.

You will probably feel like you have only been in the trance state for a few moments, but in reality, trance states last for around 30 minutes or longer, but the time appears to pass in an instant!

You will close the session feeling fully refreshed, relaxed but not sleepy.  You will feel experience a calm, but also you will be full of ideas to move you forward with the motivation necessary to put those ideas into action.

That, is hypnotherapy doing its job, as it should.

Book now to experience this feeling for yourself, today.  Where will it take you?

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